Why Do Puppies Poop So Much?


Why do puppies poop so much? Let’s face it, puppies are pooping machines. Many new puppy owners are often amazed of the amount of poop a teeny tiny puppy may produce. They always end up not buying enough paper towels to clean up messes and are always short of disinfectants. Oh, and what about air refreshers? A pup’s poop can stink up a whole room enough to have people’s eyes tearing, so better stock up on sprays that smells like roses or spring. But why do puppies poop so much? You look at your puppy and then you look at the piles of poop he produces and you nod your head in disbelief as things don’t seem to add up!

puppy poop a lotA Matter of Diet 

Is your pup’s stool volume the issue? Believe it or not, the food you are feeding your puppy may play a big role into stool volume. If you are feeding a cheap food that contains fillers such as corn or wheat at the top of the list of ingredients, these will cause your puppy to produce lots of poop because too much fiber leads to increased stool volume.

Not only, because the fiber interferes with your puppy’s ability to absorb essential fatty acids and essential minerals, your pup’s coat and skin may start looking shabby too, explains Lisa Weeth, a board-certified veterinarian specializing in nutrition. You may therefore want to talk to your vet or a veterinary nutritionist about perhaps gradually switching to a higher protein diet that has a lower level of fiber. With less fillers and more quality product, your puppy should absorb more and excrete less.

“Lower cost pet foods tend to have higher proportions of corn and wheat since these grains are also less expensive than animal protein. Too much fiber can increase the volume of stool, making your Yorkie poop like a Labrador.” ~Lisa P. Weeth

The Growth Factor

Are you wondering why dogs poop so often? There’s a good reason why puppies may poop more often and that reason is growth. Just like human babies who are fed every couple of hours, puppies are fed more often than the average adult dog. Generally, an adult dog is fed twice a day, whereas, a young puppy may be fed about 3 to 6 times a day depending on age. Puppies have a high metabolism and are growing which takes a lot of energy. On top of that, puppies have very small stomachs, so they’ll need small, more frequent meals during the day which translates into more frequent poops. Follow your vet’s advice on how much to feed your puppy.

Warning! “For large-breed puppies, over nutrition or rapid growth—with weight more than height—along with excess calcium and genetics are the primary risk factors for developmental orthopedic diseases.” ~ Dr. Dana Hutchinson, veterinary nutritionist.

dogA Medical Condition

If your dog is suddenly pooping a whole lot more than he normally does, you are right to be concerned. There may be something medically going on. Colitis, the inflammation of the colon, is a common cause for increased pooping and stool volume leading to soft poops. This inflammation may be caused by several reasons such as a dietary indiscretion, but in a puppy it could often be also triggered by intestinal parasites or the presence of protozoan parasites such as giardia and coccidia, explains Critical Care Vet, an Emergency and Critical Care Specialist.

A good place to start would be having the puppy’s stool sample examined by a vet. All you need to do is collect a fresh same-day sample, place it in a paper lunch bag, label it with your puppy’s name, date collected and contact info and then drop it off to the vet. If your puppy is acting sick though or there is blood in dog stool, see your vet immediately, there are many serious disease in pups and parvo virus is one of them.